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HCC Acceptable Use Policy

Access to HCC's information technology resources is a privilege granted to HCC users (faculty, staff and students) in support of their studies, instruction, duties as employees, official business with the College, and/or other College-sanctioned activities. Access may also be granted to individuals outside of HCC for purposes consistent with the mission of the College.

With the exception of implicitly publicly accessible resources such as websites, access to HCC information technology resources may not be transferred or extended by members of the College community to outside individuals or groups without prior approval of the appropriate faculty, staff member or administrator. Such access must be limited in nature and fall within the scope of the educational mission of the institution. The authorizing College official is expected to ensure that such access is not abused.

Gaining access to the College's information technology resources does not imply the right to use those resources. The College reserves the right to limit, restrict, remove or extend access to and privileges within, material posted on, or communications via its information technology resources, consistent with this policy, applicable law or as the result of College disciplinary processes, and irrespective of the originating access point

It is expected that these resources will be used efficiently and responsibly in support of the mission of the College as set forth in this policy. All other use not consistent with this policy may be considered unauthorized use.

Click here for full copy of the policy (pdf)