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What is NovusEDU?
Screenshot of NovusEDU Login Screen
NovusEDU Login Screen
NovusEDU is a tool designed to aid in the creation and management of websites. Systems like this are commonly refered to as "Content Management Systems".

This particular system is completely web-based, allowing HCC faculty and staff to develop web sites using only a browser. With NovusEDU, it is no longer necessary to use complex html editors such as Dreamweaver or Frontpage to create content, and no longer necessary to fumble with confusing FTP programs to publish pages. Novice users can produce attractive and informative pages quickly and easily.

NovusEDU is also designed to distribute the web development workload among many individuals, rather than depending on one central “webmaster”. This will save time, and reduce mistakes caused by passing along your content changes to another person.

The page-creation process is simple:

  • Provide information for your new page.
  • Choose a layout.
  • Enter your content into the fields provided.
  • Preview your page.
  • Publish your page.

    To see a detailed overview of this process, including screenshots, click here.

    To request information on when and where training is being offered, please fill out this form.