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FACTS - Florida Academic Counseling and Tracking for Students.

This is a State initiative to provide access to student academic information via the Web. This web site www.facts.org is also a centralized reference site for academic information for all public institutions in Florida and provides access to current academic information in ‘real time’. HCC is a participating Institution on the Florida Academic Counseling and Tracking System (FACTS) since 1999. The central FACTS web site provides access to HCC student records via the web.

How Do I Use Facts?
FACTS is a centralized web site that uses normal web navigational tools. Your SSN or HCC Student ID, and your PIN is required to access FACTS. The FACTS system uses the identical PIN that is used with HCC's Telephone Registration System. Excessive attempts to use an incorrect PIN number will cause it to be TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED. In the event of a suspended PIN, FACTS users will see the following message:

Excessive trys-temp suspended!

If this occurs, the SSN/PIN combination will automatically be re-enabled in 1 business day.

PIN assistance
What if I've never used Telephone Registration?
You must visit an Office of Admissions and Records at Hillsborough Community College with a picture ID. Your pin is initially your Student ID number. This is a 7-digit number (no letters).

Your personal identification number is unique to you and should not be shared with anyone. To protect your privacy, we encourage you to change your PIN during your first term. Please visit your campus Admissions & Records office during regular business hours. Be sure to bring a photo ID with you. PINs may not be distributed over the telephone.

Real Time Services Offered via FACTS

Current HCC Transcript
You can obtain an unofficial real-time copy of your HCC transcript.
(The format of this transcript is different than the ‘official transcript’.)

Degree Audit for Current HCC Academic Program
This is a tool that will display progress toward a degree or certification for any active academic program. A report will be generated that will categorize Degree/Certification requirements that have been completed and those that have not been completed, based upon your completed credits.

Remote Degree Shopping
You can obtain degree information from any participating institution in Florida. This option will allow you to send academic credit earned at HCC to another public institution and produce a degree audit at that institution. This process will help evaluate how current HCC credit can be applied to academic programs at other institutions.

Who do I call if I cannot access FACTS?
Contact any Admissions and Records Office at HCC:

HCC FACTS Contacts

Email us at facts@hccfl.edu

District Student Services
Hillsborough Community College
District Administrative Office
Student Services
P.O. BOX 31127
Tampa, FL 33631-3127

Telephone Number (813)-253-7021

Dale Mabry Student Services
Telephone Number (813)-253-7201

Brandon Student Services
Telephone Number (813)-253-7801

Ybor City Student Services
Telephone Number (813)-253-7601

Plant City Student Services
Telephone Number (813)-757-2101