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Sherell D. Wilson, M.Ed.
Sherell Assistant to Dean
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With a diverse background in both public school and post-secondary education, it is a pleasure to serve as Assistant to Dean of AA Degree Programs under the direction of Dean Barbara Goldstein.
fye College Success: SLS 1501
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Introduction To Ms. Wilson's Syllabus...A number of college students are brought together in a course called SLS 1501. The students will be combined into 3 separate tribes, and for 17 weeks will challenge each other for “Final Immunity,” meet in tribal council to vote for their most competent tribe mates, and work together to learn what it takes to be a COLLEGE SURVIVOR. Survival of the fittest!
Dale Mabry Campus Dale Mabry Learning Resources Center [LRC]
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There’s more than books to “check out” @ your Dale Mabry Library!!!

Drop in to inquire about the Special Events taking place which will include giveaways, scholarship opportunities, forums and presentations, displays, etc.
Sunflowers Dual Enrollment Summer Institute [DESI]
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Sherell Wilson, M.Ed. is currently “Assistant to Dean” of A.A. Degree Programs who has taken on the development of the first annual “Dual Enrollment Summer Institute” as a special project within the EXCEL Leadership Program. She brings teaching and administrative experience, from kindergarten through college. As a jump-start to her own college studies, she reaped benefits of dual enrollment and a college prep track in high school. She has a deep commitment to student success and great ideas for helping high school students get started on their college careers through dual enrollment.