Installing and Using "alien" package converter on Fedora

Download deb RPM package

Download html2text RPM package

Download alien tar-ball

Download pwgen Debian package

Download and install the deb package (Debian package tools for Fedora) and the html2text package.  Both of these are needed for alien to work correctly and do not come by default on Fedora, nor can they be found in standard yum repositories.  You will need to use the RPM flag "--nodeps" in order to install.  The software wants the alternatives package, which under Debian has a different name and is thus not found.  However the Red Hat /Fedora alternatives will work just fine!

Alien is a Perl script in its current form.  So it doesn't use the standard install methods for tar-balls.  Instead you should read the directions in the "INSTALL" file, modified as shown below. 

perl Makefile.PL
make PREFIX=/usr
su -c 'make PREFIX=/usr install'

Finally try it out:

$ man alien
$ alien --version
$ su
# alien --to-rpm pwgen*.deb
# rpm -Uvh pwgen*.rpm
# exit
$ pwgen