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Hillsborough Community College - Brandon Campus

Summer 2016

View Immediately Before Attempting to Enter Simnet

Conference Call & Start Up Information for Independent Study Classes
Offered on the Brandon Campus

In order not be dropped from your class for non - attendance, you must participate in one of the following conference calls (listed below). Once you have participated in the call, the instructor will email you the necessary files you need to fill out and return to the instructor thus completing your enrollment in the course.

Here are the instructions for calling in for the conference call.
  • You must call in on time, as the calls will not last very long and because you need to hear the entire call. If you call on in late, you will be asked to call back during another conference call time.
  • Before calling, try to make sure you are in a quiet area (free of children, work, dogs, etc.)
  • These calls only take a few minutes. Please do not take off work to join one of these calls.
  • If you call and no one is on the line, hang up and call back and make sure you have entered the number and the code correctly.

Dail this number from your phone (there is no long distance fee):


When prompted enter the following access code: 633748, followed by the # key.

Once, you have joined the call, please state your name for the group and then begin listening.

Conference call dates & times for the Summer Session 2016 Session ONLY!

May 16th, Monday @ 12 PM

May 17th, Tuesday @ 7:30 PM

May 18th, Wednesday @ 10:30 AM

May 22nd, Sunday @ 8 PM

(note this is last one offered to remain & not get dropped from the class)

You must view the Point Point Presentation too!

You must print off the attached session syllabus used for all independent study classes

Summer 2016

You must visit this link to retrieve your syllabus/assignment packet for the independent study class(es) you are taking.


Brandon Computer Lab Hours

Textbook Information by Class (and class updates)



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