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Who Am I?????

I am a chemistry professor at Hillsborough Community College. I teach Modern Chemistry, and College Chemistry I and II, and Organic Chemistry, as well as the labs that correspond to those courses. I teach at the Ybor City Campus.


Syllabi:  If you are a student in any of my classes, you can go to this page to download copies of my syllabi.  

Lectures:  You can go to this page to download copies of the sample exams and other class handouts.  (for ALL of my lectures)

Lab:  You can go to this page to download copies of the lab assignments.  (for ALL of my labs)

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I live in St. Petersburg, FL with 19-year-old daughter, Emma. If you're REALLY interested in looking at tons of photos of my adorable daughter, check out my photo gallery, which includes some vacation photos.

What am I interested in?

Many things, such as:

Text Version  Ceramics: I am an amateur potter, and I have a small studio at my house. I mostly throw, but do some hand-building, also. (When I say I 'THROW', that doesn't mean that I toss the clay at the wall; THROWING is the verb used to describe building a vessel on the potter's wheel). I mostly use earthenware and porcelain clay bodies for my pieces. This is an unusual combination, because the earthenware clay I prefer is very porous, gritty and dark, while porcelain is extremely smooth (almost glassy), having no grit at all, and is pure white. I've chosen practically opposite ends of the spectrum for my two preferred clay bodies, but these are the two I've always liked best!

I mostly make bowls and vases (naturally), but lately I've been interested in some new ideas, including some hand-built African-looking masks and I'm currently trying to work up some pieces that could be used as drum bodies, because I have a friend who is a drum maker.

If you are interested in seeing some of my pieces, click here to go to my ceramics page.

I also have some images of the production of my pieces on this page:  Page One, Page Two, or Page Three. (if you want to learn more about the process of throwing).

 Because I'm interested in making drums, I was naturally interested in the Burnt Earth site. This is a beautiful site, operated by a ceramicist who makes all kinds of unusual musical instruments from stoneware, including drums, dijeridu, tuned percussion instruments and even stringed instruments. The site also includes .au and .wav files of the instruments being played, and you can purchase instruments from the site.

 A good general information site is ClayNet, which includes rotating exhibitions and all sorts of information about throwing, handbuilding and coloration techniques.

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Text Version  Music: I love all kinds of music, and have been a music fan and collector for many years. My CD collection is now available for viewing….

 You may view my music collection here   (OK, it hasn't been updated in a long time)  

You can also visit the home pages of two of the most interesting bands you've never heard of:
Gentle Giant and New!King Crimson


"The Doctor is Out": This was my radio program which aired on Wednesdays at 1:00 PM. The program was broadcast on HCC Radio, 1520 AM in Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida. I'm not doing the show anymore, but you can see the playlists from my programs.... Check out what music I'm playing!

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Text Version  Chemistry: If you're interested in chemistry (and really, WHO ISN'T?), there are a staggering number of sites out there. I wouldn't attempt to put up a comprehensive list of chemistry related links, but an excellent starting point is the American Chemical Society homepage.

The chemical structure of caffeine

  There are a couple of excellent databases online - these are quick and easy ways of finding out basic information about a compound, such as structure, melting/boiling point, density, etc. Both of them allow you to enter IUPAC name, common name, or CAS registry number and you can find out a lot about the corresponding compound. Cambridge Software, a designer of molecular modeling software, sponsors chemfinder, which is my favorite database and is very well cross-referenced. And the NIST website also has a nice database.

  You can also go the the homepage of another HCC Chemistry Professor, Drew Wolfe.

  There is an interesting site called Elemental Discoveries which is a sort of on-line magazine about current topics in chemistry. Not as technical as on-line journals, this is more a collection of general chemistry related articles. The link above will take you to the current issue.

  Go here to see some funny mistakes submitted by college and high school students around the world. (Not all chemistry related, but all pretty funny). 

Please Read This!

  Also, if you're concerned about chemical contamination in our environment, you should know that you are being exposed to a deadly chemical, probably on a daily basis! If you want to know more, PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION about the most widespread contaminant in our country today!

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I encourage everyone to consider becoming a bone marrow donor. A simple way to save a life! For more information, see The National Marrow Registry Homepage.

You can call 1-800-MARROW2 to find out when there is going to be a marrow drive in your area.

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