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Focus on a Career in Vision Care

Contact the Office of Admissions, Records and Registration

If you have ANY TYPE OF HOLD ON YOUR REGISTRATION/ UPDATES or EDITS TO YOUR RECORD or QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR STUDENT RECORD (residency status, transcripts status, graduation, etc):

EMAIL the Admissions Department immediately. Send your email to: dmarr@hccfl.edu

1) Please CC bunderwood@hccfl.edu and jreese@hccfl.edu
2) In your email state your FULL NAME, STUDENT ID# (or SS#), and that you are an HCC Opticianry Program Student.
3) Explain specifically and in detail exactly what your admissions and/or registration issue is. (EX: Where to mail documents, "Not eligible to register at this time" Error Message/ "Invalid Log-in Password"/or "Out of State Residency Change"/ etc.)

Admissions and Records does NOT handle and is not responsible for Online@HCC log in issues. Please see the Online@HCC support information in the Online@HCC area of the website.


STUDENTS- Be sure that you are logging into Online@HCC ***NOT*** My WebCT. The SUMMER 2008 Courses are in the Online@HCC area.

Your Online@HCC User Name is your first and last initial, followed by your seven digit student ID number. All User Names must be entered in lowercase.

For example: Jane Student's student ID is 0123456. Jane's User Name is js0123456.

The first time you login your Online@HCC Password is your first and last initial, followed by your seven digit student ID number.

For example Jane Student's password is js0123456.

You will be prompted to change your password the first time that you log in.

***Remember that the orientation stated that the new summer semester may begin Online@HCC (we were unsure of the release date at the time of the recording of the video)


Online Course Issues:

The transfer of the Opticianry Course from WebCT 4.0 to Blackboard 6.0 is in process. As of 6:00pm 5/11/08 some of the courses have technical issues. The Distance Learning Department and the Opticianry Program are working to resolve these issues.

PLEASE BE PATIENT AS WE WORK THROUGH THESE ISSUES. We are aware of missing courses, missing course information and technical difficulties.

Please be patient and give your Instructors through Tuesday May 13th to have many of these issues rectified.

CHECK YOUR OFFICIAL HAWKNET SCHEDULE. It is the student's responsibilty to be registered for their courses and for tuition to be paid in full.

REMEMBER: WebCT/ Blackboard is NOT your official schedule of courses.



Dale Mabry Campus Tech Building

4001 Tampa Bay Blvd
Tampa, FL

The HCC Opticianry Program offers it's students a wide variety of education and experiences in the field of Ophthalmic Dispensing.
The Opticianry Program is a fully accredited program in which students will earn an Associate in Applied Science Degree from HCC.
An A.A.S. Degree in Opticianry will provide graduates with an opportunity to become well-paid professionals in a rapidly expanding field.

On-line Program

Click the hyperlink to read about our on-line program option.

Opticianry On-Line

Ophthalmic Dispensing Degrees

Click the hyperlink to read about our Dispensing Degrees.

Dispensing Degrees

Ophthalmic Certifications

Click the hyperlink to read about our Certifications.