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Frequently Asked Questions (rev 12/07)

Below you will find some frequently asked questions and their answers.

Q: What are the requirements for the Nursing Program?

A: Students requesting application to the Nursing Program must have the following:

(* See pre-requisite courses)

1. Criminal background check demonstrating they have not been convicted of any crime outlined in Administrative Procedure 3.200 and 3.201.

2. High School Diploma or GED

3. Minimum of 2.0 college cumulative grade (excluding college preparatory courses)

4. Completion (prior to submitting an application)of the following 21 credit hours of Nursing Program general education pre-requisite courses with no less than a C grade in each course

a. ENC 1101 Freshman English 1 3cr

b. BCS 1085 Human Anatomy & Physiology 1 3cr

c. BSC 1085L Human Anatomy & Physiology Lab 1cr

d. MAC1105 College Algebra 3cr or MGF1106 Math For Liberal Arts 3cr

e. SYG 2000 Introduction to Sociology

f. BSC 1086 Anatomy and Physiology II 3cr

g. BSC 1086 A & P Lab II

h. MCB 1000 Microbiology 3cr

i. MCB 1000L Microbiology Lab 3cr

The above listed courses must be completed with no less than a C grade in each course, prior to submitting an application to the Nursing Program.

Q: Can I finish up my prerequisites while in the nursing program?

A: No, you must complete your prerequisites first and then you may apply.offers an evening/weekend option.

Q: How many credit hours is the program and how long will it take to complete?

A: The student must complete 72 credit hours. The duration of the program for Basic students is four terms in two years and for the Transition student it is 3 terms.

Q: Is there a separate tract for the Licensed Practical Nurse or the Paramedics seeking an RN degree?

A: Yes. The Transition Option is offered for these individuals. At present (2008) we have not been able to offer the paramedic-RN program due to lack of enough qualified applicants to make a class. If the numbers increase adequately, we would make it available.

Q: What are the times for the evening/weekend program?

A: It is 2 days a week from 5-8 p.m. with a 10 hour clinical on Saturdays.

Q: What type of experiences will be offered and what is the expected time commitment?

A: Coursework includes classroom instruction; pre arranged clinical experiences, mandatory labs and selected community projects. Both the Basic and the Transition Program require a FULL TIME commitment.

Q: How many days a week/hours will I spend in class and clinical? (Refer to syllabus posted on the webpage under “course” in the nursing homepage)

A: In (1st semester) Nursing Process I – constitutes 3 hour lecture 2x a week, and a 10 hour clinical day a week. Lab hours will be explained by instructor. If your class is on Tuesday and Wednesday, the clinical day may be on Thursday or Friday (decided just before the class starts). The opposite is true for Thursday and Friday class.

In (2nd semester) Nursing Process II - constitutes 3 hour lecture 2x a week, and a 10 hour clinical day a week. If your class is on Tuesday and Wednesday, the clinical day may be on Thursday or Friday (decided just before the class starts)

In (3rd semester) Nursing Process III - you will be in class 3 consecutive days a week, 2-3 hour days and 1- 2 hour day, along with 1 - 10 hour clinical. This semester has Psychiatric Nursing component. Scheduling may be slightly different. Ask your instructor.

In (4th semester) Nursing Process IV – the first half of this semester is combination of lecture and clinical (2x per week lecture and 1 clinical day per week). The second half is allocated to preceptorship (leadership) clinical rotation. Your schedule will depend on the schedule of your assigned preceptor (licensed RN). During this time expect to be flexible as this may create potential conflict with work schedule.

Q: What is the length of the program?

A: The duration of the program is four terms for the basic option and three terms for the transition option. The program requires full-time attendance commitment from the student. It offers a competency-based systematic instructional approach and both day and evening clinical experiences are utilized.

Q: On what campus are the Nursing courses offered?

A: The Nursing Program offers courses on both the Dale Mabry and the Plant City campuses. The Dale Mabry Campus also offers an evening/weekend option. Plant City campus offers Eve/Sat option each Fall semester.
By Spring 2010 - plan to open the SouthShore Campus in Ruskin

Q: What does the program cost?

A: The total cost of the program is approximately $7,000. This includes tuition, books, uniforms and the fee for the NCLEX Licensure exam.

Q: Can I transfer into the Nursing Program?

A: Yes. For Information on transferring into the Nursing Program, contact the Nursing Program at (813) 253 7366.

Q: Are there any additional requirements once a student is accepted into the Nursing Program?

A: Yes. Applicants:
a. must have a current CPR for Healthcare Providers certification.
b. Have a current physical examination submitted on the Nursing Program’s physical exam form. A licensed physician or a Licensed Nurse Practitioner must complete the form. A copy of the form will be provided during the nursing program orientation.
c. Attend orientation. Final acceptance into the nursing program will be contingent upon the student attending the scheduled orientation session. Students will be notified of the time and place in their acceptance letter. We are working on developing online orientation for the all-hospital orientation day.
d. Must pass a drug-screening test.
e. Clean FDLE background

Q: Which hospitals are used for clinical affiliation?

A: St. Joseph's
Tampa General
University Community Hospital
James Haley VA Hospital
South Florida Baptist
Lakeland Regional Medical Center
Brandon Hospital
and others

Q: What is HESI?

A: HESI is the Health Education Systems Incorporated standardized test that Students take at the end of each course in preparation for the Licensing Exam. It is given in the computer center and simulates the actual NCLEX Testing experience.

Q: How can I obtain an application?

A: Applicants who are new to HCC must complete an application for admission to the college. Students may obtain the application form by calling (813) 253-7231. The Application can also be downloaded from the HCC Homepage.

Q: Who do I contact about the status of my application or if I have questions pertaining to my application or transcript?

A: You will need to email Millie Flores at mflores@hccfl.edu. The nursing department does not handle the application process.

Q: What are the application deadlines?

A: The deadline is January 15th
• FALL Entry - Program Options: Basic/ Dale Mabry and Plant City DAYTIME only
• SUMMER Entry – Transition Option- "LPN or PARAMEDIC" to RN/ Dale Mabry only.

The Deadline is June 1st
• SPRING entry – Program Options: Basic- Day and Evening/ Saturday- Dale Mabry Campus; Plant City- Daytime only

At this time, due to enormous interest in Nursing, we receive sufficient qualified
Applicants by the above deadlines. Will we not be considering late applications.

Q: Do you have a waiting list?

A: No, we do not have a waiting list. If you did not get accepted into the nursing program the first time, you would need to reapply.

Q: Who can I speak with about getting started on my prerequisites?

A: You can contact an advisor at (813)253-7202.