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Nuclear Medicine
Nuclear Medicine
Nuclear Medicine
Nuclear Medicine
Nuclear Medicine

Welcome to the Nuclear Medicine Webpage!

Choose a Career in Nuclear Medicine!
A High-Tech Health Career

If you have the right chemistry, consider a career in Nuclear Medicine, a specialty that uses radioactive materials to diagnose and treat illnesses such as cancer and dysfunctional thyroid disease. Technologists prepare and inject radio-pharmacuetical materials, postion patient's for imaging procedures to examine for heart, liver, lung, brain and kidney disease and work up diagnostic data for doctors.

The Nuclear Medicine Technology Program at HCC is accredited by the Joint Review Commitee on Educational Programs in Nuclear Medicine Technology.


An estimated 10 to 12 million nuclear medicine imaging and therapeutic procedures are performed each year in the US

Nuclear Medicine procedures are unique, safe and cost-effective

There are nearly 100 Nuclear Medicine imaging procedures available today

Nuclear Medicine uniquely provides information about both the function and structure of virtually every major organ system within the body

Nuclear Medicine procedures are among the safest diagnostic imaging tests available

The amount of radiation in a Nuclear Medicine procedure is comparable to that of an x-ray

Nuclear Medicine procedures are painless and do not require anesthesia

Children commonly undergo Nuclear Medicine procedures to evaluate bone pain, injuries, infection or kidney and bladder function

There are approximately 2,700 full-time equivalent Nuclear Medicine physicians and 14,000 certified Nuclear Medicine technologists nationwide