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Davis Island Board Room Audiovisual (AV)

The AV Equipment at the Davis Island Board room consist of a data/video projector (on a lift in the ceiling), an electric screen, an AV cart with an AMX remote control panel, VCR, document camera, and cable connections for a laptop, to include: a network cable, 15 pin VGA cable (to connect to the projector), and an audio cable for sound.

There is also a laptop available on request, with both CD drive and floppy drive connected. A wireless mouse is also available for use with the laptop.

The room has a sound system for the microphones and laptop audio and can be controlled from the AMX panel or the remote box at the recording secretaries desk.

Click on the AMX panel link to see how to use the AMX to turn on and run all the equipment. Each AMX page has written instructions under the image of the panel to tell you what to touch to get everything going. Where it says "touch (click on)" means on the physical panel you touch it to activate.