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Negotiatied contracts between the Board of Trustees and the two labor unions, SEIU and FUSA deal with economics and conditions of employment pertaining to covered employees. The annual salary schedule, published by the BOT contains the list of authorized classifications and sets forth the basic grade structure.

Each position in the College has a designated job category and is placed in a particular pay grade as approved by the Board of Trustees. To receive monetary compensation, i.e., salary/wages, persons performing work for HCC must be assigned to an authorized position which largely determines the amount of compensation the individual may receive.

When an individual is assigned to a position, HR creates necessary pay files and places the individual on the bi-weekly payroll. When changes occur that affects the individualís pay, such as promotions, BOT approved increases, HR updates the system.

Another method of pay is the stipend, which HR creates with a transaction that specifies a particular amount to be paid out over a set number of bi-weekly payments. Once a stipend for an individual is started it is paid at the same time, and along with any other pay due such as regular pay. The most common uses of the stipend are payment for faculty overload and adjunct pay and for sporadic and non-recurring work performed via a supplemental activity contract.

The Payroll Office, which works very closely with, but is not a part of, HR, enters time worked for each employee, generates and verifies the payroll and dispurses pay either as paychecks or direct deposits to the bank, every two weeks. In addition, Payroll submits the College's premiums to the Florida Retirement System, collects and submits Federal Withholding taxes and Social Security taxes, and prepares and dispatches W-2's to all employees.

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